Professional Pedicure At Home This Summer 44
Professional Pedicure At Home This Summer 44

40+ Professional Pedicure At Home This Summer

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You do not have to go to a nail salon to get a good pedicure. It is very easy to do your own from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You will soon know the simple steps to do pedicures from home.

First thing you need to do is remove any and all existing nail polish from your toe nails. You will need something like a rag, paper towel, or some cotton balls. Anything that is capable of cleaning the polish effectively, cotton balls are the most commonly used. Apply acetone based, or non acetone polish, to your cotton ball to take off existing polish from your toes.

Next step is to soak your feet. In your bathtub, or a plastic tub, soak your feet in warm water for five to ten minutes. Specialty oils, or baby oil, can be added to the water to help soften your skin and feet. Remove one foot from the water at a time, and follow the next steps. Once softened, use a pumice stone, or a foot file, on dry and callused areas. Results are best when done in short strokes with moderate pressure being applied. The worst areas are usually on heels and the balls of your feet.

Use a nail bed cleaner, or the tip of a nail file, to remove the dirt and debris from underneath the nails. Using a brand of nail cleaner can further assist you while performing the cleaning. Clip your nails with a nail trimmer to a comfortable length. Leave a little bit of the white tip of the nail for painting later. Use an emery board to file nails until they are either smoothed, or at your desired shape.

Now, use cuticle trimmers to clean up and trim away any loose or dry skin around the nails. Do this to each nail, and be careful, cuticle trimmers are sharp. When done, rinse your feet in the water and dry your feet off with a towel.

Using a clear, base coat nail polish, apply it to each of your nails. This will avoid the colored nail polish that will be applied later from staining the nail beds. Allow two minutes for the polish to dry on each toe.

Choose a nail polish color that you would like to paint onto your nails. Once your color is chosen, apply it slowly. When all your toes have had the paint applied, let them dry for two minutes. The amount of time it takes for the colored polish to dry may vary due to your climate. After they have dried, apply a second coat, and let dry. Use a q tip to fix any errors or clean any spots of paint from your skin. Dip the q tip in polish remover, if the polish has dried, to further assist you.

When you have finished the process of painting, rub lotion into your feet. Use the lotion more liberally on the areas that you used the pumice. Lotions containing peppermint or lavender are soothing and relaxing.

Depending on the condition of your feet, and how long the polish remains intact, you can redo in as early as seven days. Try to not go any longer than twenty one days without performing these simple steps to do pedicure from home.

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