Fascinating Female Tattoos On Back Ideas That You Wish You Had 35
Fascinating Female Tattoos On Back Ideas That You Wish You Had 35

30+ Fascinating Female Tattoos On Lower Back Ideas That You Wish You Had

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Tattoos are beautiful works of art if they are done correctly and place somewhere that works for the person receiving the tattoo. The lower back tattoo is one of the most common tattoos that females choose to get inked. Not only is it a beautiful spot on a woman’s body, it is also one of the largest portions of a woman’s body, making it the perfect choice for larger tattoos that simply cannot be placed elsewhere.

Many people view this tattoo as being a “tramp stamp” meaning that the girl that is wearing it is promiscuous. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many females choose this placement simply for the sheer location factor. It is a place that can be shown when she wants to, a place that can be hidden when the need arises and a perfect place to put a tattoo.

The lower back is also a place that will not be as ravaged by time as other places on a females body. Given pregnancies and weight gains throughout the life cycle of a female, the lower back is simply one of the best choices for tattoo placement, from the time it is done, to years into the future.

The best way to choose a tattoo for the lower back, is to find one that works with your normal body curvature. The more you make it appeal and work with your body, the better the end result will be.

Many females choose a central design, with sides that creep out, such as vines, or tribal designs. How big or how small to go is really up to the individuals taste, and with the lower back tattoo, it can really go either way without issue.

Another key thing that needs to be accounted for, is what the central design is going to be. A very common one is the butterfly. How large or how small is again up to the individual getting it. You could have a very basic one to a very intricate one without issue here.

If you’re seeking a lower back tattoo, it is one place that is sure to please. Just make sure you are comfortable with the size of your central item, the size of the side items and the colour scheme and size of the overall tattoo. With a little pre-planning and knowing what you like and want, you can easily get a back tattoo you’ll love for years to come.

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