40+ Simple Women Style With Patterned Blouse And Denim Shorts

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Women and fashion has a deep relation. Every famous dress is bound to go through detailed review about its cuts, colour, fits and looks. It surely generates mix reviews. There are very few people who can mix and match their dress properly to invite only positive reviews about it. One mistake which usually gets repeated by women in mixing and matching the garments is the choice of blouses and tops. Choosing a long dress is simple than matching blouses and tops for skirts, minis and denims. A simple mistake even in the colour choice is enough to kill the purpose of looking elegant. Let us take a look at what all could go wrong in the decision of buying womens blouses, tops and shrugs.

Colour Choice: Take an example of the colour blue as blue has many shades to it. The lightest is sky blue and the darkest is near to purple, in between comes sea blue, navy blue etc. The colour blue depicts style and royalty at times. But whether you will be able to carry the luxurious style depends on the shade of blue you have chosen for yourself irrespective of the fact that blue look well in every shade, because if a colour is popular it does not mean that it will suit you too. Same goes true with other colours like green and black.

Design: Your overall face and body size is an important factor in deciding the design of the blouses and shrugs which will suit you. For example, neckline is an important feature which distinguishes one dress from another. Neckline has two important aspects; one is width and another depth. Necklines can be deep or shallow. The necklines in womens blouses highlight neck and shoulder and create a different visual impression. It can add pounds or even make you look thin by complimenting your body frame. Another designing aspect to be noticed is the sleeves in womens blouses and shrugs. Options are many from sleeveless, quarter sleeve to full sleeve. Short sleeved can be worn on all types of occasions but for a trendy look at a party or occasion, carry something as per your taste. Changing one of the option, changes your style statement altogether.

Comfort: Would you like to follow the latest trend by compromising your comfort level or would you love to wear a comfortable dress and make an impression with self styling? Off course, the second option is better. It is good to follow the trend but not at the cost of discomforting one self. In womens blouses and shrugs, styles keep on changing, you need to pick and carry along with the one which looks good on you and at the same time, give you easiness in carrying it.

Accessories: While selecting the womens shrugs, we cannot overlook the accessories attached to it. The simplest one is the belt we will use on our denims and skirts to tuck the blouses. Another is the clutch we match with the dress. Accessories, if selected and used carefully can take away the attention from the minor problems with choosing the blouses and tops, if any. by keeping the small things in mind while making dress purchases, you can save yourself from lot of unwanted criticism.

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